MailASail teleport-mail Email and Internet Setup Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for the MailASail email service and setup for the Iridium phone

The documentation is laid out in a rough reading order and grouped by service.

Internet and Email Setup

Note: Looking for our old downloadable "Book"?
We are trying to switch to a new style of documentation, but it's still an excellent guide.
Get it here: Setup Instructions.pdf

This section covers setting up your MailASail email account and also configuring your internet connection. You don't necessarily need to do things in exactly in the order shown, but note that the point is that we are trying to help you break the problem down into small steps so that it's easy to debug if there is a problem. Please don't just try and do all the steps in one go and hope it all works perfectly!

Note: You don't need a satellite or mobile phone to test the email setup, your normal dialup or broadband connection will work just as well. Some people seem to wrongly assume that you can only use our services over Iridium - in fact the computer doesn't even know how you connect to the internet and our services work over ANY internet connection

Installation is as easy as 1,2,3...4!

1) MailASail Email Setup Instructions

Note that you will need to have already applied for a MailASail email account from

2) Setup Internet Dialup on the Iridium / Inmarsat Satellite Phone

Not normally needed, but click here if you want some technical instructions on how to manually configure Windows with an Iridium phone

The next step is to install and configure your internet connection. We have setup guides below for several devices on several operating systems. Feel free to request other guides if you think we need to add something

3) Test Email Over the Iridium Phone

Now that we have email working AND Iridium working, the next step is to try them both together!

4) Tuning the Iridium - Disabling Programs Running in the Background

Many modern programs assume that you are connected over fast and near unlimited broadband internet. This is

5) Test your setup!! Final validation testing

OK, so you think you have got everything setup correctly do you? Well every year we see a lot of people miss important steps and insufficient testing means that these errors sometimes aren't found until the last minute (or later). See our simple test setup to give your internet connection a workout and ensure it's all tickety-boo.

Problems? Not working? Troubleshooting Tips

Other useful documentation relating to the email system

Some other useful links:

Price (and Payment)

The teleport-mail system is not free (but it's quite inexpensive!), however, you are allowed to take it for a brief trial before subscribing. We think that "try-before-you-buy" shows our confidence in the quality of our product.

Once you have tried our system and decided that it's as good as we claim then please subscribe (which also lifts a few limitations on your account) by either:

Logging into the Admin site (with your normal login details) here:
OR: Click the Subscribe/Pay link on the left navigation menu