Domain Names

Why would I buy a domain name?

Buying your own domain name means that your email address could become something like, or or something else which is meaningful to you. It's also an email address that you can keep "forever" and port around with you. For some people this is an extra convenience and for others its a nice personalisation touch so that people can remember your address more easily than ""!

It also means that you could run your own website at a similar address to your email address. You don't have to run a website though - it's just that some people like the idea of keeping friends up to date with what they are doing and to have a nice friendly looking web address

Many people have never thought about purchasing their own domain name because it sounds a bit complicated and "geeky". In fact it's very straightforward and easy to do.

What does it mean to own your own domain?

So what is a "domain name"? Well, it's much less exciting that it sounds. All a domain name does is act as a "redirector" of your email from the nice address that you bought to an already existing email service on the internet (probably normally run using a different name). So it's like a yellow pages service which translates nice easy to remember names into the hard to remember "computer telephone numbers" that the internet uses (or perhaps think of it as a forwarding service)

In practice this means that you could purchase your own domain name (eg and then redirect to your mailasail account. If you then send out email with the reply address set as "" then all anyone will ever see is the domain name!

Buy one today. It's easy!

So why not purchase one today! The whole process is very simple if you use a service like: - and the price is around $8.50 / year (so very cheap!)

If you like the idea of owning your own domain, but are too nervous to fill out the forms yourself then please contact us at MailASail and we can setup the domain for you (we will charge a small fee for our time, but it will probably still be cheaper than if you used one of the UK online websites!)