Using Webmail

Like most other webmail providers, our webmail service is simple yet easy to use. Click on the 'webmail' link on our home page or go directly to

Sign on using the user name and password given to you when you signed up. Please note that both the user name and password are CaSe SenSiTiVe - enter your name in lower case and your password according to the instructions that you have received from MailASail.

Once you have signed in you should see your INBOX by default.

  • Click on the Archive folder to see the last 30 days messages complete with any attachments
  • Click on the Junk folder to check through your spam messages (only if you have asked us to enable Spam Scanning on your account)

Change your password

You can also change your password via the webmail page.

Simply click

  • Settings (top right),
  • then Password (left column)

webmail-change-password.png: 1050x460, 53k (18 April 2019, 12:07 PM)

Now you can change your password. Once you have changed it, click Logout and login with the new password to force it to be changed.

Don't forget to update any other devices such as phones or laptops!