Iridium Prepaid Airtime Plans (Pre-Pay)

How does Prepaid Airtime work? Build your own personal plan....

Two airtime balances are required for your Iridium phone to work:

  • Minutes - Your calling time available. Its a flat fee to call almost anyone, including internet calls.
  • Line Rental - How long your SIM is active for.

Top-ups are purchased by way of prepaid vouchers. All top-ups are cumulative and increase your existing balance.

Iridium handheld vouchers

Minutes Line Rental$/minPrice
- 30 days-$62
100 min  $1.50$150
200 min+6 months$1.38$649
600 min+12 months$0.40$988
4,000 min+24 months$0.56$3,730

Prices are quoted in US Dollars and charged in GBP

See how our flexible prepaid topup plans allow you to purchase exactly what you need.

Starter Pack    
Minutes Line RentalQtyPrice
100 min 30 days2$424
- 30 days1$62
200 min+3 months $486
Mediterranean Pack    
Minutes Line RentalQtyPrice
100 min 30 days4$848
- 30 days2$124
400 min+6 months $972
Explorer Pack    
Minutes Line RentalQtyPrice
600 min 12 months1$988
- --$0
600 min+12 months $988
Blue Water Pack    
Minutes Line RentalQtyPrice
600 min 12 months1$988
- 30 days6$372
600 min+18 months $1,360

Prepaid Airtime Notes

  • Please note that the minimum airtime required to activate an Iridium prepay SIM card is 100 minutes and 30 days
  • The telephone number for Iridium prepaid SIM cards is allocated when the SIM is activated
  • If the airtime minutes run out you will no longer be able to make chargeable calls (e.g. you can still make free calls to check your balance or call customer services and request an emergency top-up)
  • You can monitor remaining airtime by sending an ampty text/SMS to 2888 from your Iridium handset; an update will be sent back to you from Iridium
  • If the line rental runs out then all remaining minutes will be lost immediately (i.e. in order to roll remaining minutes forward you should ensure that you purchase additional line rental in plenty of time before the expiry date).
  • Maximum validity for regular prepay airtime minutes is three years - maximum validity for 3K/5K vouchers is four years
  • You will not 'lose' any days by adding extra line rental early as new line rental is added on to existing line rental
  • Once the line rental has run out you will no longer be able to make any calls using that SIM card. i.e. the card is deactivated from the Iridium network
  • After the expiry date the SIM is empty. You may add new airtime to the SIM and retain the same phone number if you do so within 270 days from expiry ('Grace' period).
  • All prices are quoted excluding VAT unless otherwise noted.
  • All invoices will be issued in GBP at the exchange rate on the day of purchase

Iridium GO! vouchers

MinutesLine RentalPrice
-30 days$81
400 GO! minutes6 months$738
1,000 GO! minutes12 months$1,188.00

Prices are quoted in US Dollars but charged in GBP

GO! airtime notes

  • The 400 and 1000 minutes plans are based on all calls being Iridium GO! Data or other 30 unit calls. Calls with more units will reduce the amount of minutes per voucher
  • Existing prepay balances on other Iridium services (e.g. handheld) may not be transferred to an Iridium GO! prepay account

Apply for an Iridium Prepaid Airtime account

We operate a very flexible scheme for prepaid airtime. Please complete and return the prepaid airtime forms and in return we will send out a prepaid Iridium SIM card. Note that we will NOT normally charge you at that point for airtime. The idea is to get the paperwork sorted in advance - then you simply phone/fax/email your order to us at the point you need the airtime activating.

We find this flexible scheme to be very helpful in avoiding customers trying to buy airtime at the last minute when it can be very hard to get SIM cards sent out to them in the time needed. With this method you can have the SIM card early and then you have the option to activate whenever it's needed (and customers often find themselves outside of cell phone range sooner than they expect and hence having the Iridium ready to go means that it's very easy to switch over if required)

Please simply complete and return the attached airtime forms to obtain an Iridium pre-paid SIM (and please also drop us a courtesy email at the same time)

PostPaid Airtime

MailASail also offer Iridium PostPaid airtime plans. To find out more please go to our Iridium PostPaid airtime pages.

Prepaid "Small Print"

Iridium airtime is deducted at a minimum of 20 seconds and 20 second increments thereafter. All billing is rounded up.

  • ISU to PSTN Voice = 60 units per minute
  • ISU to ISU = 30 units per minute
  • ISU to Other Sat Network Voice = 540 units per minute
  • ISU to Voice Mailbox = 30 units per minute
  • ISU to PSTN Data = 60 units per minute
  • ISU to ISU Data = 60 units per minute
  • ISU to Other Sat Network Data = 540 units per minute
  • Mobile-Originated SMS = 6 units per message
  • PSTN to ISU Direct Dial = 0 units per minute
  • PSTN to ISU 2-Stage Dialing = 60 units per minute

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