Configuring Mail Forwarding

NOTE: Be very careful - the default settings are to download all the email from your old INBOX (which might be quite a lot?) and then delete them from the upstream mailbox and keep them only in your teleport-mail account.

This is probably what you want, but it's worth being aware of the implications if you are using GMail and have been trained to horde hundreds of MB of old emails...

Note that you can ask our system not to delete the upstream email, but be aware that this causes a lot of load and delay downloading the message list every few minutes in order to determine if you have new emails

It is possible to automatically download messages from a different email account (eg, Yahoo) so that they appear in your teleport-mail Inbox. Setting this up will only take a few moments but you will first need to find the name of the incoming mail server (POP3 details).

Where you find this information and how it is described will depend largely on your email provider, but the details that you need are basically the same details you need to configure Outlook with their service (or if it's already configure on your computer then you can look up the settings in Outlook!). Once you have the name of the mail server, you would do the following:

  • Sign on to your teleport-it account via WebMail(
  • Click on the 'Options' link and then select 'POP Fetchmail'
  • Complete the required details (eg, in the case of a BT-Internet/Yahoo user, this would be your Yahoo account name, password and the Yahoo mail server - eg '')
  • Click 'Submit' to save this change
  • You can then enter in additional server entries to download from more than one server if required

Note that not all email providers make the server information easy to find, although good starting points might be links such as 'Options' or 'Support' on their respective webmail sites.

Note The fetch process runs only about every 10 minutes and so changes will take up to 10 mins to "take effect".