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1. Base System: the Wifi Bat (USB) 15m

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the Wifi Bat (USB) 15m

the Wifi Bat (USB) 15m Price: £
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the Wifi Bat (USB) 15m Price: £

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Why Buy From MailASail?

What is it?

The Wifi Bat is a high power, long range, easy to use outdoor grade WiFi antenna. It is designed to improve your current WiFi signal and pick up more WiFi signals from much further afield.

Why do you need it?

The Wifi Bat is our most powerful WiFi booster ever, and will make picking up WiFi a quick and easy experience.

Wifi Bat Supplied with:

Fully integrated and marine grade antenna with WiFi booster, integrated USB cable, 2 x U-Bolt brackets for mounting, 2 x cable ties, software installation CD. (more information)

Note: Special order options are available of: a single run 15m cable (no joints), 20/25m cables with a joint (lump) in the middle of the cable.

2. Upgrade and Customise your Wifi Bat

The standard run of USB cable on a Wifi Bat is 15m, but we have made a couple of other options available too. You can upgrade to the Wifi Bat (USB) 20m by choosing the option below. We can also supply extra 15m lengths of USB cable if you wish to customise either your Wifi Bat (USB) 15m or Wifi bat (USB) 20m to suit your requirements.

Wifi Bat (USB) 15m:


Upgrade and Customise

  • Extra length version of the Wifi Bat.
  • Ideal for high installation
  • Please Note: The 25m version consists of 2 x 12.5m USB cables "welded" together. This helps to avoid them breaking apart under strain, but does mean that installation (particularly on a sailing yacht) needs to be considered more carefully, due to the (small) 'lump' connection in the middle.

Upgrade to a Wifi Bat (USB) 25m - [add: £] No thanks, don't upgrade

15m USB Extensions

High quality USB cables, ideal for extending the reach of your Wifi Bat.

  • Allows for installation of the Wifi Bat in an elevated position.
  • Please contact us if you require more than one 15m USB extension cable with your Wifi Bat

Additional 15m USB Extension cable - [add £] No thanks, no USB extension

4. All Done

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