the Wifi Bat - Long Range Wifi

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Our Most Powerful WiFi Booster, Ever!

There have been Long Range WiFi boosters before, but never combining:

Massive 2W Output Power, Easy USB Installation, Long 15m cable as standard and a Waterproof design for outdoor RV and marine use..!

The Wifi Bat from MailASail is a long range, high power, WiFi Booster. It is marine grade, and is designed for a permanent outdoor mounting so can be used on your sailing yacht, power boat, motorhome, caravan or RV. For anyone struggling to pick a reliable long range WiFi signal from a remote location or otherwise, the Wifi Bat is the ultimate long range wifi solution. With customers achieving up to 10 miles range, you can pick up WiFi from long distance!

MailASail would recommend that the Wifi Bat is installed nice and high (line of sight is key, pushpit or guard rail), and the 15m length USB cable supplied as standard accommodates for this. We can also supply additional 15m USB cable extensions.

Using the Wifi Bat is very straightforward, simply plug in your Wifi Bat to one of the USB ports on your Red Box router and you're ready to go! You will see a window pop up with the WiFi signals found and the wifi signal strength indicated for each connection. Simply double click on the wifi hotspot you wish to connect to.

Wifi Bat

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  • Incredibly Powerful: 2W long range WiFi adaptor
  • Even Longer Range: 8dB highly sensitive wifi antenna
  • Waterproof: For permanent outdoor marine / RV mounting
  • Smart, Compact Design Comes with a choice of antenna mounting options
  • Stronger Signal: For faster web browsing
  • Easy Installation: Single 15m USB cable
  • Plug and Play: Quick and easy USB installation (PC/Red-Box Only)

Mounting Option:
Cable Length:
In the Box:

Up to 10 miles wifi range in optimal conditions
590 x 50 x 50mm (excl. cable)
U-Bolt Bracket or Cable Ties
15m cable as standard, additional 15m USB extensions available
678g (incl. 15m cable)
High Power Wifi Bat Antenna, 15m USB cable, Software Installation CD, Quick Start Guide.

Customer Reviews

Do you have any feedback for us on your Wifi Bat? We'd love to hear from you! Drop us an email with your comments and you may get published on this page!

So far we've already had reports of customers achieving a 10 mile range on their Wifi Bat! See below for other customer feedback.

Mike & Kate Goldsmith - SY Right Turn - Oct 2011
Very pleased with recent Wifi Bat which is much better than the [ Competing Product ] which we had been using. We are anchored off Deltaville boat yard using the Wifi Bat and comparing it to our experience with the [ Competing Product ]. We see more links with greater single strength...we have a faster and very stable link.

Eddie Craighill - SY Monsoon Jaguar - Oct 2011
I have tried numerous other wifi aerial boosters and none can match the strength and quality of reception i am now receiving. A previous booster would show good strength but the signal would cut out every few minutes. I had thought this was due to the quality of the wifi being provided by the marina, distance I was away from the marina aerial, and other yachts being in the way, but I thought i would try your wifi bat out especially as you offered a ‘money back if not happy guarantee’. With the wifi bat i can now stream television programmes and watch them virtually uninterrupted. I am very impressed and happy I purchased one!

Steve Houssart - Dec 2011
Just a courtesy call to let you know that the wifi bat is absolutely amazing! was up on dry dock for the last couple of weeks scraping anti-foul etc (as one does this time of year) and managed to pick up Pizza Express free wifi nearly half a mile away with numerous buildings inbetween! Along with a couple of open AP's in the surrounding houses, I Haven't paid for any bandwidth yet!

Bill Fraser - May 2012
Just to let you know the new aerial works really well - in Kos we got 30 signals with, 3 without and the experience has been similar in anchorages/quaysides since, meaning we have generally have wifi when needed. A big improvement on the previous smaller aerial. We simply run it up the mast on a flag line when at anchor and bring it down for sailing - very easy.