Mobile (4G/LTE/3G) Internet

Once the size of house bricks and the hallmark of the "yuppie". Now market penetration is such that it's hard to find someone who doesn't have a mobile phone. Mobile phones are now perhaps one of the fastest growing method of communication onboard.

With the huge explosion of interest which is the internet of course the mobile phone companies have been trying to get a piece of the action and now offer some interesting access methods and tariffs.

4G, 3G, LTE and other buzzwords

There are a huge range of buzzwords for mobile internet, such as "LTE", "4G", "3G" and "GPRS". Whilst these are all marketing buzzwords (and technically refer to a group of related technologies, rather than being a single thing in their own right), for our purposes they all simply mean "mobile (or cellular) internet" and really the precise term simply refers to the *maximum* speed that you can expect in that particular location.

The characteristic of all these technologies is that you pay for the amount of computer data you send, rather than older style "dialup" where you paid based on the length of time you were online (which is still used for some of the slower satellite type services)

So a large email costs more to send than a small email - but at least in theory you can remain connected to the internet all day and not be charged (only if you actually do something on the internet you pay based on the number of characters sent and received).

Using an email compression service like our teleport-mail service cuts your bill even further since you are paying based on the number of characters sent and received across the link and our service ensures that all data is compressed before it leaves the computer - hence you pay only a fraction of the usual price!



Tariffs vary VERY significantly and there is quite a lot of flux on pricing at present time. Roaming and using your telephone outside of your home country is currently the big price differentiator and whilst some operators offer some limited roaming options, beware that nearly all have significant small print on either length of time you can be away from "home" or volumes of data, or sometimes hidden costs in many countries.

You can send and receive quite a few emails for most reasonable airtime bundles. However, beware browsing that it's browsing the web, or using Facebook/Instagram web where you can quickly chew through significant amounts of data in just a few clicks...