Configuring an Inmarsat Mini-M to Dial the Internet

Install the Modem

From the "Control Panel | Phone and Modems" screen

  • add a new modem.
  • Choose the generic "9,600 baud modem" (the slower speed does seem to be important - most Mini-M units will only communicate at 9,600 baud)
  • Choose the COM port which the unit is on (if it's a serial to usb adaptor then check the Windows Device Manager for the COM port number)

Setup a Dialup Connection to the Internet

Basically setup a normal dialup connection

  • From the Network Connections control panel applet
  • Remove any connections which aren't working!
  • Create a new dialup connection

Key settings

  • Tel number: 28
  • Username: inmarsat
  • Password: inmarsat