Manual Email Configuration with teleport-mail installed


Please make sure that you have a reliable internet connection before trying to progress through this section. Without a reliable, working internet connection you will not be able to pickup your email! Many problems we see stem from trying to setup an Iridium connection AND our email software at the same time - and when it doesn't work you have twice as many problems to figure out!

It doesn't matter how you connect to the internet, but before you go any further verify that you can connect to the internet reliably and open up a small web page without any trouble, eg:

Login Details

Your username and password are supplied by MailASail. If you have lost them, then please contact:

These login details are required to access the system from both your email program and also if you are in an internet cafe and logging in via the webmail at:

Manual Setup *with* teleport-mail compression software installed locally (NOT Red Box users)

If you are are using our desktop teleport-mail compression software on PC (ie NOT Red Box router users) and want to us an email program which is not automatically configured by our teleport-mail automatic configuration utility (eg Outlook 20xx, Thunderbird, Eudora) then you can simply setup your email program as you would a normal "POP" email account.

The generic steps apply for nearly any email program:

  • Create a new "account" in your email program ("Tools | Email Accounts" in Outlook 20xx)
  • Go through the setup steps and make sure that you enter the "Username" and "Password" correctly as per your MailASail account details.

The other important questions are the server details. These are:

server type: POP
incoming server (POP): (This is 4 numbers separated by dots. NO SPACES)
outgoing server (SMTP):
SSL Encryption: MUST be deselected (ie off)


In Outlook 20xx (and Outlook Express, and other email programs) there is an option labelled: "My server requires Authentication" - this makes your email program send a username and password when you send mail as well as when you retrieve it.

If this option is not set you will experience a situation where you will be able to retrieve mail, but not send it! In Outlook 2003 (and earlier) this option is disabled by default and you need to manually enable it at the end of the new account wizard


See our Debugging / Troubleshooting Section for a solution