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1. Base System: 4G 4-Gateway (Global Roaming with Roam-Free)

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4G 4-Gateway (Global Roaming with Roam-Free)

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4G 4-Gateway Price: £

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Why Buy From MailASail?

What is it?

The Roam-Free 4G 4Gateway is a type of 4G (and 3G) hotspot, capable of supplying fast internet service via the cellular mobile phone network.

Why do you need it?

The Roam-Free 4G 4Gateway has dual antennas which are much larger than on a mobile phone (or hotspot) to hook in signals from a much longer range. Stronger signals mean higher speeds and/or being able to connect over longer distances.

Additionally most hotspots only support 4G in certain regions, for example in the UK Vodafone uses different standards for 4G in London vs in Southampton. Most devices fall back to older slower speeds at best, or may not work as you travel through Europe (and few will support best speeds in the Caribbean). The 4G 4Gateway is one of the first devices that keeps working at maximum speed all around Europe and even all around the globe.

Roam-Free 4G 4Gateway Supplied with:

  • 2x "Rubber duck" style high sensitivity antennas
  • 1.5M USB cable

2. Roam-Free 4G 4Gateway Airtime Plans

MailASail will include a FREE Roam-Free SIM with every unit purchased. This is an optional service, but if you wish you can subscribe to our service offering huge amounts of roaming data for a fixed monthly cost. Please ask for more information or see our Roam Free airtime agreement for full list of available tariffs and areas covered.

Note: You can use YOUR OWN SIM in your 4G 4Gateway.

Iridium Pilot Airtime Plan:


4G 4Gateway Airtime Plan

  • Contracts on Europe tariffs from 50GB to 250GB of data/month and on World tariffs from 50GB to 1,000GB of data/month
  • Global plan with fixed costs covers over 110 locations around the globe
  • For advice choosing the appropriate plan to suit your needs please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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