MailASail teleport-it Compression Software (previously named ExpressMail)

Update: 10/1/2013 - Windows 8 Compatible - PLEASE UPDATE!

To download the latest version of MailASail teleport-it email compression software, please click on the orange link below. You will be given to option to either Open or Save the file. Please choose Save. When the file has downloaded, please double-click on it to run through the install process.

MailASail teleport-it Software

This is the only download required by our email customers. This software can be cleanly installed over the top of an older version
Note: If you are not already a customer with us then you will need to contact us and setup an account before this software will do anything useful

Note that you do not need to install the teleport-it software if you are using the Iridium phone with a Mac, please view our documentation sections for further information,

If you use the Iridium 9555 portable phone then you MUST update to at least firmware version 9007 and use teleport-it software version 2.00 or newer. Older versions of either will likely not work or continually drop the internet connection. Please check the firmware before updating the phone by going into the menu and setup and then selecting phone information. The version number starts with HT.

Image Resizers and Compressors - Ideal for Uploading Photos to Your Blog!

Photorazor (For Windows)

  • Photorazor4MailASail
    This is a fantastic utility for use in conjunction with our blogging (Web Diary) system.
    It will quickly resize big photos and allow you to quickly optimise photos for size and quality

iResize (For Mac)

iResize can quickly resize, compress and save as JPEG the image files GIF, JPEG, PICT, PNG, TIFF and PSD files.

Other Downloads

Apple Mac Iridium Modem Driver for all Iridium Phones (9555/9505/9505a/9522)

  • Iridium_95xx_modem.dmg
    Mac OSX 10.5 (and onwards) Modem script for the Iridium 950X portable and 9522 based Fixed phones (ie all of them)
    For various reasons the standard Mac modem script isn't optimal for the Iridium - this adds a new tweaked modem script for the Iridium phones

Serial To USB Drivers

Iridium 9555 / 9575 USB Drivers

Wifi Bat High Power USB Wifi

USB (Rocket & Alfa Highpower) Wifi Card

Windows Live Mail Email Program (Last available iterations)

Microsoft have removed the links to download the email program as well as ceasing support for them. Download last known version here: