Iridium PostPaid Airtime Plans

Standard and Bundle Plans

Airtime quoted below is valid from 1 September 2021

MailASail would recommend that the best value plan is the Allowance 10 paid 12 months in advance, where the line rental works out at only $52.50/month. Any calls outside of allowance are charged at a rate of $1.44/min. The plan comes with an inclusive allowance of 10 minutes and 10 SMS

Please see below for a more detailed outline of call costs. All tariffs are quoted ex VAT

PlanMonthly FeeAllowanceContract Min. Duration$/min$/SMS
Allowance 10$58.0010 minutes + 10 SMS3 Months$1.44$0.09
Allowance 10$52.5010 minutes + 10 SMS12 Months$1.44$0.09
Allowance 75$87.0075 minutes3 months$1.44$0.09
Allowance 150$116.00150 + unlimited SMS3 months$1.44n/a

The Allowance 10 12-months plan is paid in advance at the start of the contract. Other plans will be paid in advance for 3 months at the start of the contract

Allowance minutes for the 75 and 150 plans are voice only and the 10 plans are voice and data

All plans will be charged pro-rata in the month of activation, in advance and with a full billing month at de-activation. Billing cycles end mid-month, so a 'billing month' runs from the 15th of a month to the 14th of the following month. All contracts are subject to a 30-day de-activation notification period.

Iridium GO! Plans

All tariffs are quoted ex VAT

PlanMonthly FeeAllowanceContract Min. Duration$/min$/SMS
GO! data 5$74.405 GO! data minutes (no voice)1 Month$1.44$0.18
GO! data 75$111.6075 GO! data/voice minutes1 month$1.44$0.09
GO! data 150$148.80150 GO! data/voice + unlimited SMS1 month$1.44n/a
GO! data unlimited$186.00Unlimited data, 150 voice minutes + unlimited SMS1 Month$1.44n/a

Australian Plan

The Australian Plan is designed for use in mainland Australia or up to 200nm offshore, plus New Zealand mainland and up to 12nm offshore (these areas known as 'Territory').

Iridium have set favourable rates for use within these areas so if your intended usage is in and around Australia this may be the plan for you. It is important to note that any calls initiated from outside the designated territory will not be connected.

For a more detailed breakdown of the costs on the Australian Plan, please see below:

PlanMonthly Feecontract minimum duration$/min Inside Territory$/SMS
Australian Plan$37.5012 months0.67$0.40

How do I sign up?

To sign up for an Iridium PostPaid airtime contract, please complete the Iridium PostPaid Airtime forms, the Iridium GO PostPaid Airtime forms or the Iridium PostPaid Australian Plan forms and return it to us with a piece of evidence of billing address (e.g. utility bill, bank statement, drivers licence) or valid VAT number. We will issue you with a SIM card (£10+VAT), which will be activated once the forms are processed. You will then receive your telephone number.


There is an activation fee of $20 for the Australia Plan and the Standard post-pay plans. This fee will be applied to your first invoice. There is no activation fee for the GO! plans

All prices are are quoted before VAT. VAT will be applied to all postpay airtime contracts depending on residential address.

Iridium PrePaid Airtime

MailASail also offer prepaid airtime plans. To find out more, please go to our Iridium PrePaid Airtime pages.