Email and web browsing compression helps you save time and money. If you are using an Iridium Internet dialup connection then email compression is a must. If you are using a Fleetbroadband or Pilot connection then it can save you a lot of money.

Installing and configuring your teleport-mail

This section covers configuring your email account, operating the red box and testing your setup. We recommend that you complete most of this guide using a fast internet connection and then introducing the Iridium or Inmarsat satellite phone after testing over broadband (ie do most of the setup and testing over the cheapest connection).

If you have no other option, then you can follow this guide while using your Iridium or Inmarsat satellite connection, however it is preferable that you use a wifi/broadband connection instead.

Installation is as easy as 1,2,3...

1) Configuring your email compression with your email client.

The most efficient (cheapest) method to retrieve your emails is to use a desktop email program (as opposed to a webmail system such as Gmail). This means you can use a process where you briefly connect to the internet, pull down messages waiting for you (and send out anything queued up), then you can disconnect and read the messages (and compose replies) at your leisure.

You can use almost any device you like including laptops, tablets and phones. Also because the compression and optimisation is implemented on the Red-Box router, there is no software install needed on the device (apart from an email program!) and much less risk with software updates and it's vastly simpler to replace devices.

We have a number of setup guides below for major classes of device. However, most email programs are pretty similar, so if you don't see the exact instructions, take a look at a couple of others and the basic steps should translate to any other email program. Feel free to request other setup guides!




2) Testing your email compression over a "limited" connectivity connection

By this stage you should have configured your email and tested it over your broadband connection. A good way to test it over your broadband connection is to try out the teleport-weather service and request some GRIB files.

Once you are happy that your email compression is setup and working correctly over you broadband connection it is time to try it over your "limited" connection. This can be a variety of things including Iridium internet dial up, a Pilot or FleetBroadband, an IsatPhone Pro or a 3G dongle.

3) Test your setup!! Final validation testing

OK, so you think you have got everything setup correctly do you? Well every year we see a lot of people miss important steps and insufficient testing means that these errors sometimes aren't found until the last minute (or later). See our simple test setup to give your internet connection a workout and ensure it's all tickety-boo.

Problems? Not working? Troubleshooting Tips