Manual Email Configuration (Red Box, Android, etc)


Please make sure that you have a reliable internet connection before trying to progress through this section. Without a reliable, working internet connection you will not be able to pickup your email! Many problems we see stem from trying to setup an Iridium connection AND our email software at the same time - and when it doesn't work you have twice as many problems to figure out!

It doesn't matter how you connect to the internet, but before you go any further verify that you can connect to the internet reliably and open up a small web page without any trouble, eg:

Login Details

Your username and password are supplied by MailASail. If you have lost them, then please contact:

These login details are required to access the system from both your email program and also if you are in an internet cafe and logging in via the webmail at:

Manual Setup without the desktop compression software (using Red Box, or non PC)

It's not required that you use our PC desktop compression software at all. If you are using our Red Box router, or perhaps you want to access email from your mobile phone, tables, etc, then you can simply connect to our email servers as you would a normal "POP" email account.

The steps are near identical to install any email account, below we assume some generic steps which approximately match the setup of MS Outlook:

  • Create a new "account" in your email program ("Tools | Email Accounts" in Outlook 20xx)
  • Go through the setup steps and make sure that you enter the "Username" and "Password" correctly as per your MailASail account details.

The other important questions are the server details. These are:

Server Type: POP
Incoming Server (POP):
Outgoing Server (SMTP):

Password authentication must be off:

  • No "password encryption" is enabled. Usually the config will say something like "insecure authentication" and/or "authentication: password"


In Outlook 20xx (and Outlook Express/Live Mail, and other email programs) there is an option labelled: "My server requires Authentication" - this makes your email program send a username and password when you send mail as well as when you retrieve it.

If this option is not set you will experience a situation where you will be able to retrieve mail, but not send it! In Outlook 2003 (and earlier) this option is disabled by default and you need to manually enable it at the end of the new account wizard

Disable SSL for Satellite Connections (Iridium/Inmarsat/etc)

For best speed, it's VERY important to disable SSL (encryption) on both incoming (POP) and outgoing (SMTP) email services. This is a trade off, security and lack of possibility of spying on your emails vs connect time... SSL connections add 45-60 seconds to the server connection time... This is generally too much of a penalty to be bearable for most users.

To do this, in the Preferences page (as per above), check through the screens verify that all the settings as highlighted in the screenshots below. In particular ensure:

  • SSL is turned off for BOTH incoming and outgoing servers
  • Ports are specified as 587/110 (or 25/110 is acceptable)

Installing Windows Live Mail

If you are using a recent version of Windows then note that it does not come with an email program as standard. You should install your favourite program and configure as above. However, a nice easy to use and free option is Windows Live Mail (previously called Outlook Express in earlier versions of Windows). See below:

  1. Windows Live Mail does not come as standard with Windows 7. You will need to connect to the internet and download it.
    The latest version is here: wlsetup-all-2010.exe
  2. Once you have downloaded the installation file you will need to find where you saved it and double click on the icon the run the installation process. Follow the on screen instructions through to completion.
  3. Beware that a page appears half way through the installation process that asks you which programs you would like to install. If you click next it will install a whole host of programs that you could do without like MSN Messenger and Silverlight. We recommend to uncheck everything except Mail.
  4. There will also be a screen that will try and get you to set your default search engine to Bing and your homepage to something else that you don't want. You don't need to tick anything on this page.
  5. The final screen will appear and ask you if you have a Windows live ID. You can ignore this as well and just click close.
  6. You can now go to your start menu and under ALL PROGRAMS you will find Windows Live Mail. It is best to start this now before moving on to the configuration of your teleport-mail account. IT will ask you if you would like to add a new email account. You can click close as our teleport-mail utility will do all this for you.


See our Debugging / Troubleshooting Section for a solution