Red Box Demo Using Mac Mail Over Inmarsat Isatphone Pro

Previously you should have setup your email program and connected your satellite phone to the Red Box. Now its time to test those two things together

Performance Expectation from Isatphone Pro

So what kind of performance can we expect from email over Inmarsat Isatphone Pro? (Assuming using our Teleport-Mail compressed email system and the Red Box Router for satellite optimisation)

  • Connect times of 40-60 seconds
  • 10-15KB/min of data per min
  • 5-10 large text emails per minute
  • Synoptic charts take ~2 mins each
  • GRIB files take 3-5 mins each (for sensible amounts of data)

Show me!

The best way to show what you expect when using a Red Box for email over an Inmarsat Isatphone Pro satellite phone is with a demo! Here we show using Mac Mail, but the timings should be very similar using most email programs on phones, tablets or laptops.

Please click the link and watch the video