Iridium Pilot & Teleport-it Checklist

Iridium Pilot and Teleport-mail compression checklist

Below is a checklist to help Pilot users get setup and working with all of our compression software

  • Signup for a teleport-it account -
  • Subscribe for a period of time -
  • Follow instructions to setup teleport-mail -
  • Test by sending some emails maybe try out the weather responder -
  • Optimise computer - (This can be omitted if using a Red Box, but may be helpful to reduce cost of usage mistakes with the equipment)
  • All of the above can be done without plugging your Pilot into your computer, best to do it all over a free wifi connection. Next...
  • Turn on Iridium Pilot and plug network cable into Red Box. Beware that this may open a data session and start consuming data!
  • Web interface - Open a web browser and type in and save as a bookmark/favourite. This is the web interface on the Pilot, it does not incur an airtime cost to view this page, but please be aware that the computer might be accessing other things on the internet (without your knowledge or permission) and such access will' have a cost. You can pull the SIM card if you need to be sure no data is being consumed.
  • Checking Estimated Billing The Statistics tab on the Pilot Web Interface shows the number of MB consumed on the terminal (ever). By recording this periodically you can get an estimate of your bill between two points in time
  • We would not recommend using online email clients like Hotmail and GMail, but rather set your other email accounts to be forwarded to your mailasail address.
  • Ending a data session - Once you have finished receiving and sending your mail you should take steps to terminate the ability of the computer to send data. Even though you should have disabled any background programs by this stage we would not recommend leaving the data session active. Do not trust your computer not to use the internet. Options are to rely on the firewall profile in the Red Box, set the Red Box router to "disconnect" all access, or more drastic steps are to drop the wifi connection or unplug the network cable from the Pilot.
  • Observe the "data" light - if it's flashing then data may be being consumed (assume and double check)
  • Your bill - don't forget to keep an eye on your bill using the web interface.
  • User guide: Support/Iridium-OP-Pilot-User-Manual.pdf