Big Documentation Update And Spring Clean Nov 2016

In preparation for the ARC kickoff we have been working hard on giving all of the Documentation a good "spring clean" and enhance.

We have completely updated the Iridium satellite phone setup guide, which now assumes customers have one of our Red-Boxes, so the instructions get very brief! ("Plug it in!")

Also significantly updated are the teleport-mail Setup instructions, which have been simplified and now have several new videos, including walking you through setting up an ipad. There are also new step by step instructions (complete with pretty pictures!) for Windows Live Mail (which, sadly Microsoft will soon make hard to get hold of...)

The Iridium Pilot (OpenPort) user manual page has also been given a spruce up, with a new document and video on Checking Approximate Pilot Usage On Passage

Finally the Red Box user manuals page has been given a rework (we think it's much clearer now - we welcome customer feedback?). We also added a new video on Accessing shore wifi through a Wifi-Bat booster. This also has a number of tips on wifi access points that require you to login (Captive Portals)

Phew. As always, writing documentation is tricky. What is too complicated for one, is far too brief for another. Feedback is always encouraged!