Iridium Internet Dialup Setup Guide

Iridium Internet dialup explained and demystified. This documentation section shows you how to install the Iridium satellite phone as a dialup modem, allowing you to connect to the Internet to send and receive emails and weather downloads.

Installation of the Iridium with a Red-Box router

Installation is literally a case of taking the USB cable and plugging it into the back of the router!

After around 5 seconds or so you should hear a beep, which indicates that the Iridium has been recognised and is available for use. The Iridium will also be listed in the "Connect to Internet" page as an available internet gateway.

connecting-usb-to-red-box.jpg: 908x800, 117k (30 October 2016, 03:39 PM)

Note: If you have a fixed Iridium 9522, or the early 9500/9505 phones, then you will need a serial-to-usb adaptor. However, then simply follow the instruction above!

"I do not have a Red-Box"

Well, we would recommend adding a Red-Box optimising router as the simplest way to get the Iridium working with any computer or tablet! However, you can find our old instructions for directly connecting an Iridium here