teleport-firewall restricts unintended Internet access and locks down background programs on the computer, optimising download speeds and eliminating wasted satellite traffic. The teleport-firewall is the frontline in avoiding overspend and billshock. The teleport-firewall is very quick to set-up and use, with simple push button selections that are easy for non-technical users to operate and regain control.

Why use teleport-firewall?

To speed up your computer’s data connection via satellite phone use our teleport-firewall, and automatically block out any unwanted programs that may be slowing you down!

teleport-firewall from MailASail allows satellite phone users to dramatically speed up their data connection for sending and receiving emails. It will block out any programs wasting data in the background on your computer, optimising your satellite phone connection and ensuring you are getting best speeds and avoiding wasting money on unwanted downloads. teleport-firewall is the best way of avoiding bill-shock (unwanted or unexpectedly high airtime bills)

teleport-firewall is a new addition to the teleport-it suite of services, and is included in our latest version for download from our website. If you want to upgrade your current version of the teleport-it software, simply download and run our latest release straight from our website.

*teleport-firewall currently only works on Windows 7/8 & Mac operating system.

How does it work

The teleport-firewall is available in two forms, either through our Red-Box router appliance, or as a software utility for Windows/Mac-OSX. In both cases:

  • All computers, tablets and phones will try to "use" the internet in the background without the owner's knowledge
  • The teleport-firewall gives the user an easy to use list of "profiles"
  • Each profile locks the computer down to a narrow list of things it can do on the internet
  • In this way the user easily regains control over the internet data they are consuming
  • The profile options are designed to be easy to use, rather than needing to know about "ports" and "IP Addresses" to build firewall rules