IsatPhonePro User Manuals

IsatPhonePro Internet dialup explained and demystified. This documentation section shows you how to install the IsatPhonePro satellite phone as a dialup modem, allowing you to connect to the Internet to send and receive emails and weather downloads.

IsatPhonePro Internet Dialup

This section covers getting your IsatPhonePro satellite phone to dial the internet, testing that IsatPhonePro satellite connection and optimising your computer. You will be able to send emails before the end of this guide but please work through the entire guide till the end. The last section about tuning your computer is one of the most important as if it is not done, it can cost you a lot more money in usage cost and is the cause of 90% of problems we see.

Checking the Firmware of the IsatPhonePro

First thing to do is to check that you have an IsatPhonePro that is capable of making a data call, you need to have version 5.3.0 or higher to do this, you can check this by going into MENU -> SETUP -> ABOUT and there it will give you the version of software that your IsatPhonePro is running. If your firmware is older then 5.3.0 then you will MUST upgrade your firmware see the IsatPhonePro Support web site for information.

Download the drivers for the IsatPhonePro

The first step is to download the drivers for the IsatPhonePro, without these it will not work.

You have just downloaded a zip file. This means that all the information we want is compressed and wrap up in a package called a zip file. If we want to use this information then we need to go and find the file and right click on the file and select EXTRACT ALL. This will create an extracted file of the same name in the same folder that you are in.

Once you have extracted the files then you can go into the folder that will be named IsatPhone_USB_Drivers and double click on the setup file. This will run you through the installation of all the drivers.

Once you have finished you can check that you have installed the drivers correctly by going into the Device manager and plugging your IsatPhonePro in via USB. You can find the device manager in your control panel or by simply typing control panel into the search bar at the bottom of the start menu on Windows 7. If you have installed the drivers correctly you will see the following entries under these headings:

  • Modems
    • IsatPhonePro 1.0 Modem
  • Ports (COM & LPT)
    • IsatPhonePro 1.0 OBEX
    • IsatPhonePro Serial Interface

If you have not installed the drivers properly then you will see these entries listed under other devices and they will have a yellow exclamation mark next to them.

Setting up a Dialup internet connection on Windows 7

Once the drives are installed then we can go ahead and setup a dialup internet connection for use with the IsatPhonePro. To do this we need to go to the Internet Options Dialogue box that can be found in control panel. Once there we need to click on the Connections tab and then select ADD..

In the next window it will ask you how you would like to connect to the Internet, you need to select Dial-up.

Then you will be asked to provide some information about the connection:

  • Dial-up phone number: 28
  • User name: inmarsat
  • Password: inmarsat

Select remember this password

Connection name: IsatPhonePro Dial-up Connection

Select allow other people to use this connection and select continue. It will then go ahead and test the connection. There is a good chance that this will fail but just select set up the connection anyway and then close, we need to go and change some settings before it will work.

If we go down to the bottom right hand corner of the screen and click on the connections icon (its by the clock and looks like a computer with a lead next to it) then we will be able to select our IsatPhonePro Dial-up connection. If you click on connect then you will be presented with another dialogue box with your user-name and password in it. Before you go ahead and click on connect we need to go into properties and click on the configure button on the General tab.

The settings need to be as follows:

  • Maximum speed (bps): 2400
  • Hardware features
    • Enable hardware flow control - selected
    • Enable modem error control - selected
    • Enable modem compression - selected

Click OK and then OK again to get you back to the screen allowing you to Dial.

You should now be able to click dial and connect to the internet. The dial and log in procedure is pretty slow and will take about 1 minute.

Tuning the ISatPhone Pro - Disabling Background Programs

Many modern programs assume that you are connected over fast and near unlimited broadband internet. This is expensive over Fleetbroadband, Iridium Openport or your cellphone, but completely bungs up an ISatPhone Pro internet connection and it just appears to hang

What do I do Next?

You can now head to our teleport-mail set up pages for instructions on how to set up Express Mail. This will enable you to send and receive emails over the IsatPhone Pro with our super-fast email compression.