Iridium Internet dialup explained and demystified. This documentation section shows you how to install the Iridium satellite phone as a dialup modem, allowing you to connect to the Internet to send and receive emails and weather downloads.

The documentation is laid out in a rough reading order and grouped by service.

Iridium Internet Dialup

This section covers getting your Iridium satellite phone to dial the internet, testing that Iridium satellite connection and optimising your computer. You will be able to send emails before the end of this guide but please work through the entire guide till the end. The last section about tuning your computer is one of the most important as if it is not done, it can cost you a lot more money in usage cost and is the cause of 90% of problems we see.

Installation is as easy as 1,2,3...

1) teleport-it Download and Installation.

Although you do not need a MailASail account to complete this guide, you will need the teleport-it software to help you install and configure the Iridium satellite phone. We recommend that you DO NOT use the Direct Internet 2.0 software that is supplied with some Iridium satellite phones. Our software will do the same installation for you, but in a fully automated way. Direct Internet 2.0 also seems to cause many people problems seeing the internet at all...

MailASail teleport-it Software

If you need some help installing the software then please select you operating system form the list below and follow the steps for installation.

Note: You do not need to install our teleport-it software if you are using a Mac

2) Iridium Internet Dialup Setup

The next step is to install and configure your Iridium dialup internet connection. We have setup guides below for several devices on several operating systems. Feel free to request other guides if you think we need to add something

3) Tuning the Iridium - Disabling Background Programs

Many modern programs assume that you are connected over fast and near unlimited broadband internet. This is expensive over Fleetbroadband, Iridium Openport or your cellphone, but completely bungs up an Iridium internet connection and it just appears to hang

Problems? Not working? Troubleshooting Tips

Not normally needed, but click here if you want some technical instructions on how to manually configure Windows with an Iridium phone