NEW: Fixed Mount Iridium 9522-P (optional GPS Tracking System 9522-TP)

Very compact unit, with optional integrated GPS unit and microprocessor. The unit is discreet and the tracking version can be left onboard and will send its location either on a timed basis, or it can be "pinged" to deliver an instant position report. In the case of theft this allows the vessel to be recovered quickly, and of course it provides comfort that the vessel is "where you left it". Combined with our online tracking and ships log system you can use it to show your friends a "breadcrumb trail" on an interactive map of your last trip! Annotate the adventure with photos and more!

Excellent voice quality and because the main unit and all the wiring can be hidden away behind a bulkhead, it's much neater than a portable system, especially when using the external antenna. Highly recommended!

Iridium 9522-P Fixed Phone

Iridium 9522-P Fixed Phone

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  • Rugged design
  • Uses maintenance free Fixed Mast Antenna
  • Very light and compact. Much smaller than Iridium Sailor / Skanti fixed units
  • Cabling and main unit can be hidden out of sight behind bulkhead with only handset on display!
  • Doesn't require a datakit.
  • Computer can be connected directly (requires serial port or MailASail Serial to USB adaptor)


Power Supply:
Operational temperature:
Relative Humidity:
In the Box:

Antenna Unit:W 96mm x H 140mm, Transceiver Unit:W 83mm x H 196mm x D 40mm, Control Unit:W 55mm x H 161mm x D 26mm
Antenna Unit:0.2Kg, Transceiver Unit:0.7Kg, Control Unit:0.2Kg
12VDC (Optional AC Adaptor available)
4W during communication, 0.5W stand by
Normal: +15C to +35C, Extreme: -10C to +55C
4x16 alphanumeric, 32 digits, multiple languages, clock, ringing tones, IDD key, call forward, voicemail, SMS (160 characters).
Tough base unit, DPL Handset, DC Adaptor, Marinised External antenna + mounting bracket and user manual (See Iridium Accessories for more details on these items).

Iridium 9522-TP Fixed Phone PLUS GPS Tracking System

Iridium 9522-TP Fixed Phone

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The specifications and physical appearance of the Iridium 9522-TP are almost identical to the 9522-P. In addition to the features of the standard unit, 9522-TP has:

  • Integrated GPS and microprocessor allows regular automated position reports to be transmitted on a timed basis
    PLUS: unit can be "pinged" remotely to send an instant fix on demand

Internet access is required to view the tracking data. Two options are available:

  • Fleet Viewer - Fleets with multiple vessels will appreciate our fleet viewer which shows the location of all vessels along with risk management information.
  • "teleport-blog" Integration - For individual users our superb Web Diary system is fully integrated with the automated tracking and you can post pictures, stories and other information which will be automatically linked to the position reports from the unit.

In both cases the units can be "pinged" to obtain an instant position update, or set to report their position on a timed basis. We also offer integration options for events such as the ARC where the unit will automatically handle the position reporting requirements for the event!


Serial to USB Adaptor

Serial to USB adaptor

The Iridium 9522-P and 9522-TP fixed phones connect to the PC using a "Serial" connector. Most laptops sold these days do not have this connector and so an adaptor to convert to USB will be required.

Our adaptors are well tested and have proved very reliable and easy to configure (always a nice feature when you are 1,000 miles from the nearest computer shop). You can also easily use more than one adaptor if required (for example if you need a second for a GPS unit, or an SSB weather system, etc)