Why Use teleport-blog?

It's great for keeping friends and family up to date with your travel progress!
No need to send mass emails to lots of email addresses!
Maintain a nice record of your trip, with stories and pictures!
Create your own personal web page, with your own web address!
No knowledge of web development required!

Sign up for a teleport-it account and try it for yourself!

Blog view with pictures

How Does it Work?

  • Send an email to a special email address (indicated when you sign up to teleport-it)
  • Everything included in your email will automatically be posted onto your web diary
  • We do the rest!
  • Photos will need to be re-sized using one of our recommended photo editors
  • Each email creates a new entry to your teleport-blog

NEW! Now with GPS Position Tracking

We recently updated the teleport-blog to include support for plotting your current position on a world map!

GPS Position Tracking:

  • Shows on a map where each blog entry was posted from
  • Allows viewers to zoom right in on each entry to see a birds eye view of the area
  • Shows where in the world you are - right now!
  • Draws a breadcrumb trail through your previous positions to show your route
  • Viewers can click on the map to see old blog entries posted at that location!
  • Can export to Google Earth for a real time fly along your route!
Blog with GPS tracking