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1. Base System: Iridium 9522-P Satellite Phone

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Iridium 9522-P Satellite Phone

Iridium 9522-P Price: £
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Iridium 9522-P Price: £

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Why Buy From MailASail?

What is it?

Extremely Robust and compact fixed Iridium Sat phone.

Excellent voice quality and because the main unit and all the wiring can be hidden away behind a bulkhead, it's much neater than a portable system, especially when using the external antenna. Discreet handset and hidden baseunit means that from a distance it looks less like a thievable satellite phone, and the handset can be removed (and hidden) when not in use.

Highly recommended!

Why do you need it?

Business, adventure, or pleasure, you can stay in touch across seas and time zones, in remote locations and on the go. One telephone number covers you everywhere

Iridium 9522-P Supplied with:

Tough base unit, DPL Handset, 12V DC Adaptor, CD and user manual. (more information)
(Note: Iridium antenna required - see below)

2. Choose an External Marine Antenna and Cable

The Iridium 9522-P phone requires an Iridium antenna. We highly recommend that customers fit one of the following dedicated external antennas.

Note: if you have special requirements then do we have a range of more specialist antennas which may help (eg for land vehicles, steel vessels or active antennas for larger ships/buildings)

Choose an Iridium Marine Antenna:


Iridium Antenna Cables

High quality, pre-terminated antenna cables, for years of trouble free service

  • Recommend 10m or under with the portable phone

No antenna required

Iridium Helix Antenna

  • Aviation grade antenna
  • Extremely water-resistant
  • Comes with: Stainless Steel L bracket & 2x U-bolts (pole/rail)

Helix + 6m cable - [add £]
Helix + 10m cable - [add £]
Helix + 15m cable - [add £]

Iridium Tough Antenna (AD510)

  • Extremely rugged Iridium antenna
  • Hard fiberglass radome
  • Comes with: "Over-engineered" aluminium L bracket (approx 1cm thick!) & 2x U-bolts (pole/rail)

Tough + 6m cable - [add £]
Tough + 10m cable - [add £]
Tough + 15m cable - [add £]

3. Serial to USB adaptor

Serial to USB adaptor:


Serial to USB adaptor

The Iridium 9522 is supplied with a "Serial" port connector. Most laptops sold these days do not have this connector and so an adaptor to convert to USB will be required.

Our adaptors are well tested and have proved very reliable and easy to configure (always a nice feature when you are 1,000 miles from the nearest computer shop).

No adaptor required Serial to USB Adaptor - [add £]

4. Iridium Airtime

We believe that customers shouldn't pay for what they don't need! So we don't sell airtime at the same time as hardware. However, we will include a FREE SIM with all phones. Please choose the type of SIM you require. If you are not sure then we would recommend the Pre-Pay SIM which has no explicit "contract" and can simply be topped up as you need it.

Note: We will require you to complete and return our airtime forms for either SIM. More information on Iridium airtime plans

Choose Iridium Airtime Plan:


Iridium Prepaid Airtime (click for info)

Pre-Paid SIM - [included in price]

Iridium Postpaid Airtime

Post-Paid SIM - [included in price]

No thanks - No SIM required

5. All Done

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