Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro PostPaid Airtime

How does it work?

Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro postpaid airtime is an ideal option for those requiring the facility all year round, and without having to add top ups.

There are two plans available called the Standard Plan ($53.40/month with 10 voice mins included) and the Allowance Plan ($71.20/month with 60 mins encluded, $213.60 with 180 voice minutes encluded and $854.40 with 720 voice minutes encluded).

The per minute rates are very good value on both plans at $0.89/min and $0.80/min respectively. For a more detailed outlined of the costs involved please see below.

PlanMonthly SubscriptionMinimum Contract PeriodInclusive MinutesVoice to FixedVoice to MobileSMS (per message)
Standard$53.401 month10$0.89/min$1.07/min$0.45
Allowance$71.2012 months60$0.80/min$0.98/min$0.45
Allowance£213.6012 months180$0.80/min$0.98/min$0.45
Allowance£854.4012 months720$0.80/min$0.98/min$0.45

How do I sign up?

To sign up for an Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro postpaid airtime contract, please complete the IsatPhone Pro PostPaid Airtime forms and send them in to us. We will issue you with a SIM card and it will be activated once the forms have been processed. You will then receive your telephone number.

Terms and conditions of the airtime plans can be found on the airtime contract itself.