The Sailor FleetBroadband 250, the right balance between speed, size and money!

The Sailor FleetBroadband 250 is not quite the fastest or the most affordable in the FleetBroadband family, but for many owners strikes the right balance of speed, size and money.

The Sailor FleetBroadband 250 is virtually the same size as the FleetBroadband 150 but can manage nearly twice the data speeds. The FleetBroadband 250 is also better equipped with its two extra ethernet ports, fax capabilities and guaranteed streaming IP bandwidth.

The Sailor FleetBroadband 250 is the perfect partner for someone wanting to run a business from their boat.

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Sailor FleetBroadband Specifications

Sailor FleetBroadband 250


Sailor FleetBroadband Specs

Only £7,999+VAT
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  • IP connection for Internet, Email, VPN etc.
  • Data speeds up to 284 kbps
  • Streaming IP up to 128 kbps guaranteed
  • Voice and data simultaneously
  • Antenna diameter less than 30 cm
  • Antenna weight less than 4 kg
  • Plug-and-Play handsets

Below deck unit:
Standard IP:
Streaming IP:
Operational temperatures:
BDU Interfaces:

Above deck unit: Height 27.56cm, diameter 32.92cm (3.9kg)
27.3 x 26.4 x 4.25cm
1.52 x 5.5 x 2.65cm
Up to 284kbps
32, 64, 128kbps
4kbps, 3.1kHz audio
Group 3 fax via 3.1kHz audio
Standard 3G (up to 160 characters)
RJ-11(2), RJ-45(4), Ethernet(PoE), L-Band connector, digital I/O, DC Power input
-25°c to +55°c
Power On/Off button DC heavy duty power input connector with Remote on/off and locking mechanism, 4 10/100Mbit Ethernet LAN user ports with Power over Ethernet (PoE), 1 Euro ISDN Sim card, Factory default reset, 2 Independent RJ-11 phone connectors,5 I/O connector with General Purpose I/Os, L-band output, Status LEDs