Inmarsat FleetBroadband Airtime (Post Pay)

Inmarsat FleetBroadband Airtime

New rates have been announce effective from 1 May 2023

 Monthly Subscription
Standard Plan$598.00
In Allowance per MB$23.89
Out of Allowance per MB$35.85

Choose your own personal plan...

Choose From the following Price Plans:

PlanMonthly SubsMB's IncludedMins IncludedMB Rate in allowanceMinimum Duration
Standard$598.0025n/a$23.89/MB1 month
Standard$530.0025n/a21.17/MB12 months
100MB$1,081.00100n/a$10.81/MB1 month
100MB$917.00100n/a$9.17/MB12 months
100MB$825.00100n/a$8.24/MB24 months
250MB$1,580.00250n/a$6.31/MB1 month
250MB$1,341.00250n/a$5.35/MB12 months
250MB$1,206.00250n/a$4.82/MB24 months
500MB$2,106.00500n/a$4.21/MB1 month
500MB$1,785.00500n/a$3.57/MB12 months
500MB$1,484.00500n/a$2.97/MB24 months
1GB$2,448.001,024n/a$2.38/MB1 month
1GB$2,074.001,024n/a$2.02/MB12 months
1GB$1,862.001,024n/a$1.81/MB24 months
2.5GB$2,763.002,560n/a$1.08/MB1 month
2.5GB$2,342.002,560n/a$0.91/MB12 months
2.5GB$2,108.002,560n/a$0.81/MB24 months
5GB$3,238.005,120n/a$0.64/MB1 month
5GB$2,743.005,120n/a$0.53/MB12 months
5GB$2,465.005,120n/a$0.49/MB24 months
10GB$4,158.0010,240n/a$0.40/MB1 month
10GB$3,523.0010,240n/a$0.34/MB12 months
10GB$3,168.0010,240n/a$0.30/MB24 months

Voice Rates:

Usage rates are charged as below...

PlanVoice to FixedVoice to CellularVoice to BGAN/FB/SB/Voicemail per minSMS (per msg)

Flexible "Money Bundles" - Ideal for Higher Use Leisure/Seasonal Users

Inmarsat have a very valuable "money bundle" option for the higher spend seasonal user. Effectively you can pre-pay the 12/24 month plans for up to 12 months in advance, and in return acquire the entire prepaid usage throughout the period.

For example. Prepay the 250MB tariff for 12 months, ie pay 12x the monthly charge today, and this gives you 12x 250MB = 3GB of data to use anytime over the next 12 months.

This benefits:

  • Users who need a large amount of data for just a few months here or there (not necessarily over 12 months, eg it's the cheapest way to buy 2.4GB of data to use in just the first month)
  • Users who need occasional large amounts of data, intermittently across the year. Eg leisure customers typically use "lots" while at sea, eg a few months of the year, but much less when near shore.
  • Users who don't want to feel "committed" to a 12 month contract. This plan gives you "a bunch of prepaid data", which you can use as and when you like over the next (say) 12 months.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for an Inmarsat PostPaid airtime contract, please complete the Inmarsat PostPaid Airtime forms and return it to us. We will issue you with a SIM card which will be activated once the forms are processed. You will then receive your telephone number.

Monitoring Spend

There is an Online Billing Portal for all our FleetBroadband customers to use. This feature enables the user to track their usage and spend limits on a regular basis, to avoid bill shock at the end of the month!

teleport-proxy - Web Compression

MailASail have developed their own web-compressing Proxy to help customers streamline their connection and cut data usage by up to 1/5!

Once installed, the teleport-proxy works quietly in the background to cut out all those extra adverts and heavily loaded graphics, so that you can load up web pages much faster and see a much lower bill at the end of the month!

FleetBroadband Data Charging

Data usage is billed in the following way:

  • A Call Record (CDR) is generated:
    • Every 12 hours since the Data Session is started
    • When the Data Session is terminated
  • Each Call Record will show the number of Bytes of data used, both inbound and outbound. A minimum of 50KB will be charged for both In and Outbound directions (ie there is at least a 100KB minimum charge for each call record)
  • The Data Session will terminate after 12 hours idle time with no data being transferred (eg computer completely unplugged). Be aware that the computers' background activity (when plugged in) will normally be sufficient to keep the connection alive and prevent the connection disconnecting, and only physically unplugging the data cable will enable it to register as completely idle.

The implications are that for most users the following process will be the most efficient way to use the FleetBroadband:

  • Start a data session manually when you are ready to use the internet (eg via the handset, select "BGAN", then "Standard Session", then Connect)
  • Use the internet
  • Disconnect the cable from the computer when the internet is not intentionally in use (this will help prevent any accidental charges being incurred due to background programs "updating" themselves)
  • Leave the FleetBroadband powered on and don't disconnect the data session if you expect that you might use the internet within 12 hours (the session should time out automatically if in fact you don't use it)

This process will usually minimise the number of Data Sessions appearing on your bill, and hence minimise the number of "minimum charges" incurred