Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro PrePaid Airtime

How does it work?

Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro prepaid airtime is available as virtual vouchers made up of units, which are valid for certain periods of time. Each unit is worth roughly 1 minute, however the rate the minutes are used up does vary dependant on what number you are calling.

Please see below for an outline of the options available including prices valid from 1 July 2023:

VALIDITY ONLY30 days$54.45
10090 days$163.35
250180 days$326.70
500365 days$589.90
1,000365 days$1,043.65
2,500365 days$2,450.25

All prices are subject to VAT, charged at 20%

How to Order

To place an order for one of the above available top ups, please email/call us at the office. We will need to have a completed airtime agreement from you at this point.

You will need a valid SIM card provided by MailASail in order to purchase airtime top ups from us. If you don't already have a SIM card from us, please ask - we will provide these free of charge.

The unit rates for usage are outlined below:

Voice to Fixed per Minute1.3
Voice to Cellular per Minute1.3
Voice to BGAN per Minute1.3
Voice to FleetBroadband per Minute1.3
Voice to SwiftBroadband per Minute1.3
Voice to GSPS1.3
Voicemail per Minute1.3
SMS per Message0.5
Voice to Inmarsat B3.4
Voice to Inmarsat M2.9
Voice to Inmarsat Mini M2.5
Voice to Inmarsat GAN/Fleet/Swift2.5
Voice to Inmarsat Aero4.9
Voice to Iridium11.0
Voice to Globalstar8.0
Voice to Thuraya5.0
Voice to other MSS Carriers6.9