How to Unblock an Iridium SIM Card in a 9500/9505/9505a/9555/9575 or 9522-P/TP Handset

If you enter your pin number incorrectly three times on any Iridium unit then the phone is deactivated and simply displays "Blocked" on the screen.

On almost all Iridium phones (except the Sailor fixed Iridium Phones) use the following steps to enable the phone again:

  1. Switch on the telephone
  2. Using the handset keypad enter the following sequence * * 0 5 *
  3. Press the green button
  4. Enter the PUK 1 code from the SIM CARD information sheet (stapled to the SIM when you were sent it)
  5. Press 'OK'
  6. You will be prompted to enter a new PIN Code. Choose a 4 digit number (1111 is the default)
  7. Repeat the entry of this number when prompted.
  8. The LCD display will now show 'COMPLETED'