Test Your Satellite Phone Line

The “Test Your Satellite Phone” campaign (by Iridium) provides all satellite phone users a special number – 00-1-480-752-5105 – to test their satellite phones.

Callers will hear a recorded message confirming that their call was completed and offering quick tips on proper handset usage. Iridium customers are not charged for air time on their satellite phone when calling this number; other satellite phone services may charge usage fees if they are not participating in the service. If customers find that their phones are not operational through this process, they should call their service provider for trouble-shooting.

Test Your Satellite Phone Website:

Testing by dialing your satellite phone directly

Firstly beware that the cost of the call to a satellite phone is determined by the telecoms company you are making the call from, and that cost is likely a good bit higher than calling out from your satellite phone.

eg in the UK if you are using a normal landline then BT will charge around £3/min to call an Iridium satellite phone

Also beware that since this is quite an expensive call, some providers will bar such calls by default...

A particularly common question is "Why can't I call my Iridium phone from a UK Vodafone when I'm outside of the UK?" - It would appear that Vodafone bar such calls when you are roaming - likely this will apply to many other mobile phone (cell) networks when roaming.