Red Box Firmware Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading your Red Box (mini) to the latest firmware version

Upgrading/restoring broken/failed firmware

(Note, almost no-one needs these instructions, mainly for reference. Check with us first)

  1. please download the linked firmware file:
  2. save it with *exactly the same name* onto the root directory of a USB flash drive (ie not in a folder)
  3. plug usb flash drive into the red box
  4. remove power from red box (if not already)
  5. locate a paperclip! Experiment to ensure you can press the little switch through the hole in the front of the box. It's a touch fiddly...
  6. Watch closely, you need to:
    1. Connect power, all lights illuminate on the front of the box
    2. Once it returns to a single light (about 1-2 seconds), press in and hold the switch using the paperclip (you only have about a 5 second window to do this)
    3. Keep holding until the lights start to strobe Knight Rider style along the front (cool...)
    4. Release the switch and relax...
    5. The above is easiest for those with 3 hands, the rest of us probably just need to practice a little...
  7. It will take perhaps 10-30 seconds to do the update (please don't interrupt it). Then the box automatically reboots, the very first boot can be somewhat slower as it generates various unique config files. Probably 1 min+, certainly less than 3 mins. You might hear it beep during that time
  8. You should hear the normal dub, dab, dib, beeps when it finishes booting and the lights will return to just the left hand light lit
  9. After that probably you never need unplug again...

Upgrading instructions for Firmware (see below to find current version)

These instructions relate to the Red Box (mini) only - if you have a Red Box PRO Marine or Ultra please contact us for guidance

  1. please download the linked firmware file:
    1. tpb_updt.tpz
  2. Open the RedBox admin web page, ie: http://redbox/
  3. Click System, then Firmware Update, ie: http://redbox/system/firmware
  4. In this page you can select the new firmware file from your hard-drive and upload to the box. The box will reboot after uploading the file.

Version after upgrading should be: 1.24

(note - we have added a patch to the V1.24 file effective 03/11/2021, so version still presents as 1.24 but there is an additional line in the module list)

Checking Version of Firmware installed

To check for success, please check your firmware version as follows:

  • Open the RedBox admin web page: http://redbox/
  • Click System, then System Status
  • This next page shows the module version numbers - these should match the announcement of the latest release version (however, for the more geeky, note they are in the format of modulename-version-date)

Reset to Factory Defaults

To completely clear out all customised settings from your box and return it to factory settings, please:

  • Open the RedBox admin web page: http://redbox/
  • Click System, then Factory Reset
  • Click the Confirm button

Note: this will reset any customised wifi network name and password. The default is written on a sticker on your box, however, you can also connect via the wired lan port and reset the wifi network details.

Problems? Please ask for help!

Please do try and be clear about what you are observing on the box (lights, etc). Timings to press the button above are quite precise...

Please have fun

...and remember that this is a very flexible product and so we do welcome considered suggestions for what features we should be building for the next release!