The Red Box contains a very simple to use firewall mechanism, which can assist to control your computer (or phone/tablet) and control the background data usage which frequently happens without the owners knowledge (or spend), eg Windows Updates, Antivirus scanner updates, Skype background activity, etc.

The firewall (version 1.13 onwards) is shipped with 6 default rules:

1) Unrestricted / No acceleration
Allow anything outbound, ie no restriction, but also no automatic email compression
2) Only teleport-mail
Only compressed teleport-it email is allowed out, ie gmail/yahoo are blocked. This makes it fast to lock down the computer to only compressed email, and disable your office or other email. Email is automatically compressed.
3) Only teleport-it Mail/Web-Proxy
Only compressed teleport-it email and compressed teleport-proxy web browsing. This allows precise "per app" control over who can use the internet, this should allow browsing, but prevent Windows/Virus updates. See the teleport-proxy instructions.
4) Only teleport-it Mail/Web-Proxy & Chat Apps
As above, but additionally allow a select list of social messaging "chat" apps. The list of supported apps is as follows (as of writing): Whatsapp, Signal, Wickr, Wire, Telegram
5) Generic Mail (only mail)
Allow ALL email, but ONLY email outbound. This supports configuration 2) by unblocking Gmail/Yahoo mail as well. Email is still automatically compressed.

Tech note: At present mode 6 allows:

  • Compressed and Normal email
  • Compressed and Normal web browsing
  • FTP
6) Generic Mail, Web Browsing (and other common protocols)
This is quite similar to option 1) and allows nearly all common outbound protocols, including web browsing, windows updates, antivirus updates, etc. However, the different is that automatic email compression applied.