There are an increasing number of Apps for IOS and Android that are useful for onboard navigation. Either taking in NMEA/AIS from network interfaces (such as via the Red-Box), or plotting navigation charts, offering racing tactics features, or showing weather & tide information

This is not an exhaustive list, but it may prove useful to explore the various app stores. Please offer feedback and advice on any apps you feel we have missed?

App Store

IconApp NameExternal NMEAAISInstrumentsWeatherTidesRacingChartsPrice
BlueChart (Garmin)NNNY NGarmin£££
Boat Beacon (Pocket Mariner)YYNN NApple Maps£
Boat Instruments (Tucabo)YYYN NN/A£
iAIS (Digital Yacht)YYNN NN/AFREE
iGrib (Mojoso)NNNYNNN/A£
ImrayYYYN NImray££
iNavXYYYY NNavionics / NOAA / Raster£££
iOnBoard (Digital Yacht)YNYN NN/A£
iRegatta Pro (Zifigo)YYYN YN/A££
iSailor (Transas)YYNN NTransas£££
Mid WiFi (Veera Solutions)YYYN YOpen Streetmap££
NavionicsNNNY NNavionics££
NavLink UK (Digital Yacht)YYNY NUKHO S57 Vector££
NavLink US (Digital Yacht)YYNY NNOAA S57 Vector££
NMEAremote (Zapfware)YNYN NN/A£
OnSiteWx (Airmar) YNYYNN/AFREE/£
Plan2Nav (Jeppesen)NNNY NJeppesen£££
SeaNav (Pocket Mariner)YYNY NS57 Vector££
SeaIQ (Sakhalin)YYYY NVector / Raster££
TimeZero (MaxSea)NNNY NMapMedia£££
Weather4d (Olivier Bouyssou)NNNY NN/A££


IconApp NameExternal NMEAAISInstrumentsWeather / TidesRacingChartsPrice
AIS Pilot (i-BC srl)YYNNNOpenStreetMapFREE
Boat Beacon (Pocket Mariner)YYNNNGoogle Maps£
iOnBoard (Digital Yacht)YNYNNN/AFREE
iRegatta Pro (Zifigo)YYYNYN/A££
Marine Navigation (GPS Nautical Charts)NNNTides OnlyNVector + Raster££
Marine Navigator (Ronald Koenig)NNNNNRaster£
MX Mariner (Will Kamp)NNNNNNavionics / NOAA / Raster£
Plan2Nav (Jeppesen)NNNYNJeppesen£££
SailTracker (iacobus)YYYNYGoogle MapsFREE / £