Twitter: Tweet via SMS from your Iridium


You can now update your Twitter straight from your Iridium satellite phone. Get started by sending an SMS from your Iridium phone with the words START or SIGNUP to the Twitter short code 40404.

How to Update Twitter via Iridium Satellite Phone:

  1. Send a text to the Twitter code 40404 with the word START.
  2. Twitter will reply and ask you to sign up if you're new or reply with your username if you already have an account.
  3. Send your username (do not send any additional characters in the message, or they won't be able to read it correctly).
  4. When Twitter asks for your password, carefully send your password to them (remember: passwords are case sensitive!).
  5. Twitter will ask you to say OK if you want to use Twitter on your phone. Send OK, and you're all set! Now you can send messages to your Twitter code, and they will post as Tweets on your Twitter profile for all your friends to read.

Alternative Setup from Within Twitter Web Page

You can also manually go into your twittter account to activate the facility by:

  1. Logging into your twitter account
  2. Go into your Twitter account settings
  3. Select “Mobile” settings
  4. In the “Country/region” list, scroll to the end where satellite providers are listed and select “Iridium”
  5. Next, enter your Iridium phone number and click “Activate” and keep the webpage open.
  6. Wait for your confirmation code via Iridium SMS to complete the setup