Important Note if using a Sailor SC4000 Iridium

Please be aware that Crew Calling SIMs can be used with any Iridium Telephone. When used with ECI Fixed mount units such as the Sailor SC4000, a 0 must be dialled first to enable an external call. This is not necessary with other Iridium handsets (mobile or 9522P fixed). In addition, please do not confuse the “Captains” PIN code with the security PIN 1+2 numbers issued with your SIM card. PIN 1+2 are security numbers to prevent unauthorised use of your SIM card and as such are retained on the SIM. The “Captains“ PIN is retained on the Iridium Crew calling network.

Using Crew Calling Scratch Cards

Please note that the instructions below are printed on the back of all Iridium Scratch Cards.

To Place a Call

  1. Dial 0 if using ECI fixed mount unit, omit if using mobile handset 9500 or 9505.
  2. Dial 2888-(omit 00 or +)-country code-telephone- # or OK
  3. A voice prompt will ask for the PIN (scratch number)
  4. Enter the PIN (scratch number)
  5. A voice prompt will provide an account balance
  6. Please wait your call will be connected

Call any country. Call any Iridium phone number.
Use with Iridium phones that have Iridium Pre-Paid crew calling services.
Card expires 12 months from date of the first call. Non rechargeable and restricted from calling other satellite services.

Using the "Captains" PIN on a Standard Iridium with Crew Calling SIM

Setting up Restrictions on Captains Line

Dial 698 698 from a Crew Calling activated telephone, the user will receive voice prompts offering four choices from a security menu.

Choose 1 to change the PIN number
Choose 2 to turn the PIN On (lock) for voice and data
Choose 3 to turn the PIN On (lock) for voice only. This setting allows data calls to be made without entering an access code.
Choose 4 to Cancel or unlock voice and data. Choosing this option will allow anyone to make voice or data calls without being asked for access codes.

Making a call via the Captains PIN

Dial 698 followed by the Full International Telephone Number required. Omit 00 or + in the dialling string. When the call is ready to connect, the user will receive a voice prompt to enter the PIN number (if the feature is switched on). If the PIN number is correct then the call is connected.

Data Calls on a Standard Iridium with Crew Calling SIM

Choose option 3 or 4 from security menu before placing data calls (see above). In addition the dialling string for any data call must be preceded by 698.