Inbound Emails Are Disappearing

Inbound Emails (ie TO you) are disappearing

Missing inbound emails could be due to:

  1. Most common is the sender mis-tiping (sic) your email address? eg is popular, as is ?
  2. If you setup everything on a home computer and it was working fine there, then you setup a second boat computer and now your mails don't seem to get to the boat computer? Then remember that the home computer might still be downloading and deleting emails before you see them on the boat? (Disable the email account on the home computer)
  3. You have enabled our spam blocker and it's snagged your message. Check your "Spam" folder via the webmail -
  4. Sender's mailserver is in the dog house for sending a bunch of spam messages recently. If this happens then the sender gets an instant failure message back, however, sometimes one of the following occurs:
    • Some users cannot correlate the action of sending an email and getting a near instant "delivery failed" email back again as being related events. They then disregard the failure email and claim that the email must be lost...
    • Unfortunately Microsoft Exchange is reasonably common in businesses - several versions of this have a bug (well many of them actually) which causes it to:
      • Looses many "delivery failed" emails
      • Those it doesn't loose it rewrites and removes all the useful information about why the delivery failed
      • Often if the problem is just temporary then Exchange seems to just forget about the email and it sits in some folder on the server never being either delivered, nor returning a failure message to the sender...

It's very likely that lost inbound emails are really lost. With modern email servers (MS Exchange excluded) it's near impossible to properly loose emails. Therefore there will be an error delivered somewhere and usually that error message is fairly "geeky", but will have all the relevant information about why the problem occurred. Contact if you need help debugging this (we will need full information about the sender email address and dates/times!)

Requesting Further Support

If you can prove that you can access web pages, but cannot access your email then please send a request for more help to: (either use your existing email account or log into our webmail system from the front page)

Please make sure that you tell us:

  • The exact text of any error messages that you can see. Whilst we agree that they often look quite cryptic they do in fact contain important information that we need in order to figure out what is wrong with your configuration.
  • Also remember to include basic information like what version of Windows you are using, which email program, how you are dialing into the internet, etc.
  • Be sure to have already worked through the Various Video Setup Guides!!