Red Box Firmware V1.20 Released

We are proud to announce release of firmware version 1.20, for the Red Box wireless router and bandwidth optimiser. Please update as soon as possible.

The new firmware files and upgrade instructions can be found here:

New Features / Changes:

  • Fixed race condition enabling firewall at the same time as ethernet ports being plugged.
  • Added, Xygrib and Squid to the supported weather apps
  • Added support for USB tethering of iphones (support for USB tethering of Android already existed)
  • Added support for Zoom video conferencing in firewall mode 4 (social chat apps)
  • Added new firewall mode 5 "Full social media" which allows controlled access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin (please report if any issues noticed)
  • Firewall rules optimised - reduces CPU load per packet significantly at 60-70Mbit+
  • DNS traffic may be reduced in certain circumstances