Red Box Firmware version v1.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of a new firmware, version 1.1, for the Red Box wireless router and bandwidth optimiser

The Red Box wireless router gives very easy integration of all communication devices from 3G, Wireless and satellite devices. Additionally it takes NMEA data and wirelessly repeats it. This makes it extremely easy to network all of these devices with no more effort than plugging them in and then connecting to the local wifi network! Additionally there is full integration with our teleport-it email/web compression and optimisation service

A quick changelog can be found below. Upgrade instructions can be found here:


The following key changes appear in Red Box firmware version v1.1

  • Better support for certain wireless Captive Portals such as "Fon"
  • Vastly increased 3G USB "dongle" support
  • Increased USB Wifi card support
  • Support for USB 10/100 ethernet adaptors
  • Support for Actisense NMEA devices (custom FTDI devices)
  • Support for Thuraya XT (all USB Thuraya should now be supported)
  • Wifi client:
    • Less sensitive roaming thresholds
    • Remove beep on roaming
  • Optimised 3G Timeouts
  • Ability to "disconnect" from the internet
  • Warning in web interface that IE8 and earlier are unsupported
  • Lots of internal changes!