Major Overhaul Teleport Weather GRIB Parameters

We are excited to announce a huge upgrade to our Teleport-Weather service, which now offers a massive increase in the number of parameters and also features the major new GFS data model. This should give better predictive performance, more detailed forecasts and makes much more data available for download.

Key changes

The key changes are:

  • Huge number of new fields available for download from the GFS and NWW3 models (complete list below)
  • GFS GRIB Data is from the new GFS model (which was experimental until June 2019). The model used to predict the weather has taken a significant step up in complexity and performance and this should better model predicted weather
  • Switch to the non smoothed sea-level pressures. ISO Bar pressure lines might now look a lot more wiggly and detailed, this is better reflecting reality! Other providers may be supplying the "smoothed" data by default which is hiding a lot of detail and information (more information about this change here courtesy of research by Craig at LuckGrib: )
  • Some fields have changed name (the old names will continue to work)

How to take advantage

Nothing special needs to be done and you can continue using our service as you have done in the past. However, to take advantage of the new data that is available, re-order the "help-grib" email which has now been updated to show all the new fields available

New fields are as follows:

GFS Model:

NWW3 Model:

  • AIRTMP - temp, 2m above surface
  • APCP - accumulated precipitation
  • CAPE - Clear Air Potential Energy
  • CLOUDS - total cloud cover
  • GUST - wind gust (at 10m)
  • RAIN - precipitation rate
  • PRMSL - Pressure Reduced to Mean Sea Level (non-smoothed uses MSLET)
  • RH - relative humidity
  • SFCTMP - surface temperature
  • WIND - wind speed & dir (10m)
  • ABSV500 - absolute vorticity (at 500mb)
  • HGT500 - 500mb height
  • TMP500 - temperature (500mb)
  • WIND500 - wind (500mb)
  • WIND - wind speed & dir (from GFS)
  • WAVE - height of sig waves and wind-wave direction (HTSGW + WVDIR)
  • HTSGW - height of significant waves
  • DIRPW - direction of primary wave
  • PERPW - period of primary wave
  • SWDIR - direction of secondary wave
  • SWPER - period of secondary wave
  • SWELL - swell
  • WVDIR - wind-wave direction
  • WVHGT - wind-wave height
  • WVPER - wind-wave period

Get started today

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