Welcome to MailASail's new WiFi Page!

MailASail now offers a range of exciting new WiFi products, to broaden the scope of our communications products and services. We hope you will find these pages interesting and informative, and we welcome any feedback and opinions on the topic of WiFi.

Why WiFi?

Getting good WiFi has become a significant aspect of consideration when planning a long distance cruise or trek. We all want constant and good value access to the web, everywhere, and WiFi is a handy way of connecting cheaply.

One of the main issues that arises though is actually accessing the WiFi. Either you can't get a berth close enough to the Marina Office/Bar (where the access point is hidden), or your computers' built-in WiFi isn't powerful enough to get a good signal. And we all hate flaky WiFi signals...

The Solution? Get a good WiFi Booster!

MailASail have a growing range of WiFi gadgets to help improve your ability to get good WiFi.

the Wifi Bat External Wifi Booster

Our new, ultra long range wifi booster, the Wifi Bat is extremely high power and long range and will enable the user to pick up more wifi from much further afield, and strengthen their signal. This device is designed for a permanent outdoor mounting and is supplied with a choice of mounting options. Based on the technology of the Alpha Booster, the Wifi Bat is our best yet! We are already receiving some great feedback.