Iridium Pilot Airtime Plans

The Iridium Pilot offers a great range of good value data and voice airtime plans, outlined below. For help choosing the best plan for you, follow our tips:

  1. Choose your monthly data plan based on how much you wish to spend - all speed settings have a $0/month option which is well worth trying!
  2. Choose your monthly voice plan based on how much you wish to spend - again there is a $0/month option which is ideal.
  3. Download the Iridium Pilot airtime form to make your selections and fill in your details.
  4. Send the form in to us by fax/email/post.
  5. Once the form has been processed your SIM will be activated and a telephone number assigned.

Voice + Data Bundles

Please note that combo plans B,C,D,E and F have been discontinued for new customers from 1 January 2020. If you are currently on one of those plans your service will continue un-interrupted

Data (only) Bundles

Choose from the following price plans (all plans have a one month minimum contract period). Voice calls not included in these bundles (charged in addition at standard rates):

128Kbps Max Speed

Option0 MB10 MB25 MB75 MB200 MB1,000 MB
Monthly Subscription$69.00$110.40$196.65$388.13$655.50$1,276.50
In Allowance - Implied Cost / MBn/a$11.04$7.87$5.18$3.28$1.28
Out of Allowance IP / MB$17.46$11.39$8.21$5.52$3.59$1.14

Please note that from 1 April 2020 the following price changes has been implemented by Iridium: These price changes will impact both new and existing customers with connections on the 0 MB and 1000 MB data plans.

MB LevelOld Per MBNew Per MB
0 MB$13.80$17.46
1000 MB$0.62$1.14

Iridium will also implement a change of Billing Increments, which will impact all customers/connections: Data sessions will be charged in 1-kilobyte increments and any partial kilobyte will be rounded up.

Voice Bundles

Choose from the following voice bundles. Internet data is not included in these bundles (charged in addition at standard rates):

Option0 mins120 mins240 mins360 mins600 mins1200 mins
Monthly Subscription$0$69.00$117.30$158.70$234.60$414.00
In Allowance - Implied Cost/Minn/a$0.58$0.49$0.44$0.39$0.35
Out of Allowance Charges (O of A) / Min 
O of A - OpenPort to Fixed/Cellular / Min$0.95$0.63$0.54$0.50$0.43$0.39
O of A - OpenPort to Iridium/Voicemail / Min$0.66$0.63$0.54$0.50$0.43$0.39