Portable Handset: Iridium 9505a Satellite Phone

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Iridium 9505a - Totally portable - make calls from anywhere that you can see the sky. Keep it in a plastic "grab bag" for emergencies ("phoning" the coastguard is one of the few ways to be sure a distress call is actually heard and acted on...)

NOTE: The Iridium 9505a has generally been replaced by the Iridium 9555 satellite phone. However, the Iridium 9505a is still a production unit, and there are some users who may prefer the 9505a, but in general, for new purchases choose the Iridium 9555

See here for a longer comparison between the Iridium 9555 and the Iridium 9505a

Portable Handheld:
Iridium 9505a


9505a PDF Brochure (300KB)
9505 PDF Brochure (1,500KB) (old)
9500 PDF Brochure (1,000KB) (old)

Power:90-240 VAC, 50-60Hz; battery Li-Ion rechargeable;
Dimensions:158L x 62W x 59 mm
Battery:3.2 hours talk time
Battery in stand-by:30 hours
Battery weight:Standard battery:66g; high capacity:98g, ultra-high capacity:200g
Fast charger:recharging time: 2.5H.
Operating temperature:Normal: +15C to +35C
Extreme: -10C to +55C
Relative Humidity:25-75%
Consumption:0.57 Watts.
Keyboard:4x16 alphanumeric, backlit keyboard, 32 digits, multiple languages, clock, removable satellite antenna, vibracall, ringing tones, IDD key, call forward, voicemail, SMS, (160 characters).
Phone supplied with:High capacity battery, AC charger with International plug kit, DC charger, Antenna Adapter, External magnetic car antenna with 5 feet of cable, leather holster, hands free earpiece and microphone and user manual.
 See Iridium Accessories for more details on these items

Iridium 9505a Datakit

In order to connect the Iridium 9505a to a computer you will need the Iridium Datakit

Comprises everything you need to connect the phone to a computer with a "Serial port". (If your laptop has only USB ports, (or you are unsure), then please also order a MailASail Serial to USB adaptor cable)


  • Serial Cable (9-pin M/F),
  • Tripod Stand
  • Iridium Direct Internet 2.0 CD
  • Neoprene carrying case.

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