Teleport It Firewall Port Whitelist

The various teleport-it services require certain ports to be open on any third party firewall. If you need to setup whitelisting or third party firewalls then please refer to the following:


Mail server

A normal mail server is operated for SMTP, POP and IMAP on the standard mail ports:

  • /
    • SMTP: 25, 587 (deprecated, but common: 465)
    • POP3: 110 (deprecated: 995)
    • IMAP: 143 (deprecated: 993)

Mail compression - teleport-mail

Our teleport-mail software is compression and optimisation software which seamlessly optimises email traffic. The client mail client is unaware that it's not talking directly to the original mail server. This software takes the form of a desktop application or a Red Box router appliance.

  • /
    • Ports: 9025, 9110, 9143

Web Browsing compression - teleport-proxy

In addition to mail compression, there is also compression and optimisation of web browsing. This is offered through a normal web proxy service, usable with any browser, but will benefit (offer additional optimisation) if using a Red Box router (more optimised network protocol is then used)

  • /
    • Ports: 9696