IOS Android Setup Tips

Both Apple and Google have a number of enhanced security techniques for the purpose of evading being tracked at say airports or coffee shops. However, these security settings may cause some unfortunate implications on networks that you own. The following tips may be helpful on changing settings

Apple devices

Apple IOS users *may* need to disable "private relay".

This can be found in

  • Settings / Click on top box with your account name / iCloud / Private Relay

IOS might benefit from changing the following settings:

  • Settings / Wi-Fi / find Skylink WiFi network / touch (i) next to that network

In here change:

  • Low Data Mode -> On

This stops the device thinking it's on an unlimited free connection and disables some of the background app updates

  • Private Wi-Fi Address -> Off

This prevents the IOS device becoming a "new device" every 24 hours. It is safe to turn this off on your own networks where you want to track individual devices and will allow the Skylink to map data usage back to individual devices

  • Limit IP Address Tracking -> Off

Not sure what the implications are for this, but hopefully prevent problems using mail

Google Android

On Android similar changes should be made:

- Join the Skylink Wi-Fi network (and go to the page to show this)

- Next to the wifi network, touch the gear icon.

- You might need to touch the "show more options" in the next page on some devices

- Change

- Metered -> On

Similar to "Low Data Mode" on IOS

- Privacy -> Device MAC address

Turns off private MAC addresses, so that Skylink can map data usage to devices

Tip: Ensure VPNs are off when using the Skylink in any of the default firewall modes. Leaving it on, will generally cause hard to diagnose networking problems