Training Packages

Training and support

Wanting to get more out of your satellite (as well as Wifi and 4g/3g) communications? Want to learn more about ‘how it all works?’

Have a look below for our list of value added services;

Gold package

What will be achieved

This is a highly bespoke service that aims for total customer satisfaction in which we start by coming to your boat! Including all of what the silver package below offers (Explanation, set-up, training, tips and advice, airtime, summary) but with the benefit of having one of our engineers live, present with you through the whole process. If this is not enough, this service also comes with lifetime support for the duration of your travels. Accomplished via; Email phone Remote control Software Cost/Time A subscription based service broken down into 2; 1. One off visit and training session = £349.00+vat + Factored in travelling cost and accommodation. (minimum of 3 hours depending on individual customer) 2. On going full support utilising ALL of our services. £999.00+vat per year.

Silver package

What will be achieved

We offer a comprehensive training package in which a member of the team will go through the A-Z of your Satellite communications. In this case all of the features that your Sat comms system has to offer including;

1. Voice communications. 2. All aspects of data communications including; Highly compressed and optimised emailing, Blogging (if you wish) as well as GRIB files. (Global Weather)

In addition, The training session will include fine tuning your communications to ensure you are getting the best usage from the hardware as well as keeping the cost as low as possible. Offering tips and tricks and clever 'work arounds' so that again, you are not running up an unnecessary bill.

Comprehensive Redbox training will also be covered and how it networks with all other comms (Satellite, 4g/3g and wifi) together effortlessly. The above will be conducted using our airtime so you will not need to spend a penny on 'practicing' whilst in training. This is potentially worth several hundreds of dollars alone. Location

 At our office in South West London. Half way in between Heathrow and Gatwick airport, with local train stations walking distance away.

Alternatively, if the logistics are too difficult to get to us, we can offer a 'remote training' session where we will use remote control software to achieve this. All that is required is a fast broadband internet connection. Satisfaction guaranteed.

We endeavour to leave you completely 'clued up' with the above and will not leave until you totally happy and most importantly, confident with using the above. We will also be available for on going support (hopefully you wont need it) for the remainder of your sailing adventures. So rest assured, we are here if you need us.


 These half day training sessions usually last 3 hours, sometimes more depending on what's covered. £349.00+vat

After sales and support promise Whilst we recommend utilising one of the above highly popular services, we realise that not all customers are in a position to do so. When you purchase from us, you automatically receive access to our online library and email support covering very basic aspects of set up and operation.

Availability Our office ours are Mon - Fri 9am-5pm. Occasionally, we DO read and respond to emails out of ours!


Course feedback: “Very professional and friendly staff which makes for a great learning environment” “Expert, detailed tuition, we’ve learned so much!’' “Really enjoyed the course. Great Trainer!” ‘’Totally put my mind at ease. Now I can operate my sat comms and enjoy it.''