Red-Box Named as Iridium AxcessPoint Replacement

Iridium have announced the "End of Life" for the Iridium Axcess Point product.

The Iridium AxcessPoint will be discontinued and Iridium have suggested replacement solutions for this product which include the Red-Box router from MailASail!

The Axcess Point is Iridium's previous generation product to allow phones/tablets/laptops to be easily hooked up to an Iridium handheld phone via wifi

This is a fantastic endorsement of the Red-Box router.

However, the Red Box actually offers a much wider use case than the Iridium AxcessPoint, in particular:

  • Red-Box doesn't require special "Apps" in order to send emails, use the built in email app on your laptop, phone, etc
  • Red-Box can be used easily use with both PC, Mac, iPhones, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more! (Allowing you to send email from any of these over Iridium, without any extra software)
  • Red-Box has advanced acceleration on the router itself, which means no compatibility problems with phones/laptops
  • Red-Box supports a much wider range of supported devices, including nearly every satellite phone, 3G/4G cellular and long range wifi booster solutions
  • Red-Box also offers various customer specific solutions, such as NMEA instrument repeater for marine users

More information on the Red-Box can be found here:

The complete Iridium AxcessPoint end of life announcement can be found on Iridium's website here: