Iridium Provides Inbound Caller ID for all Iridium Satellite Phones

Effective December 19, 2012, Iridium now provides inbound Caller ID on all telephony service packages, allowing customers that use Iridium telephony products to view inbound numbers from terrestrial and mobile networks on their Iridium device display. This feature was recently added at no additional charge for existing and new telephony subscribers and allows customers to screen inbound calls, view received call numbers, and store received call numbers to their device phonebook (missed calls is not currently supported).

Caller ID is automatically enabled for all existing and future subscribers with no additional configuration or special service packages.


Below are illustrations of Caller ID across various Iridium phones (Iridium 9575/9555/9505a/DPL):

Caller Id Supported Devices/Platforms

The following Iridium devices and billing platforms are supported:

Devices SupportedBilling Platforms Supported
Iridium ExtremePrepaid
Iridium 9555Postpaid
Iridium 9505ACrew Calling
Iridium 9522B+1 Access
DPL handset2-Stage Dialing


  • Iridium will present the inbound Caller ID as long as the number is provided by the terrestrial or mobile carrier and the Iridium device is registered with the network.
  • Inbound calls where the Caller ID number is not present will still appear as “Incoming Call”. If additional characters (i.e. name or business) are provided in the Caller ID transmission, only the Caller ID number will be presented on the Iridium device.
  • Additionally, unlike many mobile phones, matching of a phonebook entry name to the Caller ID number is not supported. Therefore, even if the Caller ID number matches an entry in the user’s Iridium phonebook, only the Caller ID number will be displayed.
  • Inbound Caller ID numbers (if available) will be presented in number format only. Outbound Caller ID numbers will continue to be sent in the Iridium 8816 format (including +1 Access and 2-Stage Dialing).