NEW Iridium Prepaid Voucher - May 2018

Important News for Iridium Handheld Phone Users

Iridium have announced a further change to their pre-paid airtime vouchers - the introduction of a new 75 minute voucher (minutes only), with immediate availability. Previously, the 75 minute voucher was only available to purchase as a combined voucher with line rental included.

With the addition of the new 75 minute voucher, our current Iridium prepay vouchers and prices are as follows:

Minutes Line Rental$/minPrice
75 min -$1.50$112.50
- 30 days-$55
75 min+1 month$1.42$167.50
200 min+6 months$1.35$599
500 min+12 months$0.48$899
3,000 min+24 months$0.61$3,150
5,000 min+24 months$0.64$4,500

Please note that the new 75 minutes (minutes only) voucher is only available for top-ups of active SIM cards. New activations will still require a combination of minutes and line rental, the smallest option being the combined 75 minute and 30 day voucher.