Iridium Pilot Price Increases Jan 2014

Price increases are never a popular subject, however, Iridium have announced a snap price increase on the extremely popular Iridium Pilot terminals. The Pilot is the high speed satellite terminal, priced approximately 2-3x that of a standard handheld Iridium (approx £2,999+vat), but with over 50x the performance, at around 10% of the data cost. This has become a very popular terminal with leisure users in the recent few years

The price increase takes effect on Jan 31st 2014, so dealers have had just hours to buy up remaining stocks before the price increases! The price rise will be approx £400-1,000 (exactly increase is still unclear). It is worth reacting quickly!

Generally Iridium give 30 days notice on pricing changes, so this is an unusual move. Given the limited opportunity to benefit from the old pricing, now is a good time to consider your requirements. MailASail still have a small quantity of terminals on the old pricing - when they are gone they are gone...

Note: This pricing change is *ONLY* relating to Iridium Pilot. It does *NOT* relate to the well known handheld 9555 / 9575 Iridium phones.

Note also: We appreciate that some participants might have desired to leave purchasing equipment until later in the year. Just to remind that most bluewater equipment, including the long range communications equipment changes extremely slowly (many years between models) and is most certainly not like consumer electronics where things change monthly. As such there is less benefit in buying very late before your departure.